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Company setup
Do you plan to set up your own business in South Eastern Europe and do you need to be supported by putting this into practice?



We can offer you help during the whole process until your firm starts. We will support you by our detailed local knowledge and comprehensive service supply. 



We know all about our working area and also how to make the important moves fast. Thus we are able to complete your company setup without any complications or delays. There is a lot which should be noted, if you intend to settle down in South Eastern Europe and also to succeed. Lotse handle the whole formalities for you without any problems. We make a list for you with all necessary documents, then check and prepare them according to the law. Afterwards the documents are translated into the required language.



With law experts on our side we arrange the company establishment by ourselves. Looking for the proper personal, management, finding the right location and organizing the working places, virtual office are also services that we offer relating to the company setup matter in the countries of South Eastern Europe.