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Sales increase


Do you want your export in South- Eastern Europe to be strengthened without many investments and with a lasting effect? 

This special service is based on a long term partnership and is only available for clients who had ordered us and for which we successfully found new trade partners.


The cooperation on the project about market expansion ends when our client pays his visit in South Eastern Europe. There he can meet his future business partner and learn more about his company, beeing accompanied by Lotse.


The time passes by and although it was a successful and a promising meeting on site, there comes no satisfying business afterwards. Communication is full of obstacles, different problems are blocking  the positive development.


To avoid this problems Lotse invented the “Service Contract".


This contract has the following purposes:

  • to support our client to strengthen his position on the new South Eastern market by our Know - how, database or personal contacts
  • to build an efficient client relationship with the South Eastern partner with the intention to preserve the existing contact and to support the trade between both sides
  • to rise the turnover on this market
  • to be present on side by beeing an extended arm of the client
  • to help them by advices and by mediation to achieve a fair solution when appearing problems between both sides